Is a specially developed nutrient complex for masculine attractiveness

NUTRITION SUPPLEMENT ORTHOMOL BEAUTY MEN is a specially developed nutrient complex for masculine attractiveness, which ensures the health of nails and hair, skin regeneration from the deepest layers. The food supplement has an anti-aging effect - selected ingredients, such as the combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid with the innovative phytamine Q10 and other vitamins for the skin, hair and nails, help men's skin to prevent aging. The nutritional supplement contains a balanced combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid with important trace elements for skin and hair, with ingredients specifically tailored to the needs of the skin. This development was achieved in collaboration with scientists and based on many years of experience in the field of orthomolecular nutrients.

In addition to collagen and hyaluronic acid, Orthomol Beauty for Men also contains a unique phytamine-Q10 complex, a valuable combination of vitamin and coenzyme Q10 with olive phytoextract. The extract is rich in hydroxytyrosol, polyphenol. Polyphenols are valuable phytonutrients that the olive tree uses, for example, to protect itself from environmental factors. This protective mechanism is one of the reasons why olive trees live so long. Therefore, its phytoextract is also an important element of the formula.
Other ingredients:
Vitamin C promotes normal collagen production for normal skin function
Vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium help protect cells from oxidative stress
Biotin and zinc help maintain normal skin
Selenium, biotin and zinc promote normal hair maintenance
Pack of 30 days (30 vials).
The daily dose is the contents of one vial.